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Dear Kind Donators

Having spent two weeks in India again, I have returned with reports of some new work and other continuous work being carried out by myself and volunteers in India. The trip was very successful and lots of different groups of poor and suffering people were targeted and helped.

Purchase of Rickshaw for an illerterate Rickshaw Driver

Our recent achievements consist of paying a deposit to purchase a rickshaw for a very poor illerterate rickshaw driver. His brothers were manipulating his income as he could not read or write. After getting to know him for over a year, we were able to boost his confidence abnd knowledge by helping him to buy a rickshaw. Now he is able to take charge of his own finances and he has been taught how to plan and repay his loan in monthly instalments. He will now be able to support his family of five. I will be monitoring his progress on my next visit.


Village Akaliya

There is a very poor village called Akaliya outside Baroda in the state of Gujarat. The village has 200 houses in depleted state and there is a population of 1200 living in the village. The school children aged between 5 and 11 ate their meals served on newspapersas they could not afford dishes and cutlery. On my latest visit to the village in June 2010, we donated dishes bowls and glasses which were made from steel. The school has only 2 classes and the grounds of the school are bare. Th education provided is very basic. The ultimate aim or goal of the parents for their children is to see them working in the fields or becoming a labourer, if given the chance The village is basic and poor and Poverty Breaker's plan is to provide help here to improve the lives of the people living in a poor state


Help in the Orphanage

Poverty Breakers also provided a CD and a Cassette player to a children's Orphanage in Baroda. This Orphanage tries to tajke unwanted babies left on the streets of Baroda. We also provided a day's full meal for the children in the Orphanage. The Orphanage had been donated with a collection of CD's and music cassettes for the babies but they did not have the digital system to play the CD's and the cassettes.

Individual Family Help

Poverty Breakers is also dedicated to help very poor individual families, by helping in the home to improve standard of living and also by paying for tuition fees for the children's education and monitroing their progress


Help on the streets of Vadodara and villages

On the past two occasions I have supported a very good lady whose name is Narmadaben to help feed the poor on the streets of Vadodara. Ninety percent of these poor people come form a background where they have either been rejected or ousted by their families and they have no means of survival because of their old age, or they have been suffering from some sort of illnessand cannot afford to have medical treatment


We serve these poor people with freshly cooked hot meal each morning so that the rest of their day goes well.


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